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gallery is up!

The gallery of Holiday Hostess aprons is up on flickr! Now you can check them all out in one place. In other news, we are calling this party a wrap! Thanks to all our lovely participants who make it so much fun! We'll be tidying up and then resting for a bit, but watch this space for our next swap -- we plan to announce it in just over a month! Yikes! See you then!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

look at all our pretty aprons!

See everyone's cool aprons, and find out who got who's name in the swap! Since the party is just about over, we're going to post the whole list whether posts are up or not. IF YOU ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW WHO IS SENDING YOU AN APRON STOP READING RIGHT NOW!! We will add any more links that come in.

First links are posts about making the aprons, second links are posts about getting them.

ann drew: nickie

cate drew kim p.

catrina drew: sandy

coleen drew: jen

debi drew: sarah

erin drew: debi

eviedee drew: sarah geek

heather drew: patricia

jen drew: shanna

kim p. drew: coleen

lisa drew: thien-kim

mary ann
drew: eviedee

melissa drew: erin

nickie drew: heather

patricia drew: lisa

sandy drew: ann

sara drew: melissa

sarah drew: sara

sarah geek drew: selena

selena drew: mary ann

shanna drew: cate

thien-kim drew: catrina

And our bonus swap! Sasha wrote from Canada asking if she could be matched up with anyone else who wrote in from outside the US, and when no-one did, we offered a mini-swap to the people who missed the cutoff, and Amy was the lucky gal who wrote back first! Here's Sasha's apron for Amy, and Amy's for Sasha!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

let's get this party started!

Today's the day our party starts! We're looking forward to seeing everyone's aprons and what you all have to say about them -- as posts go up, we'll start a list here so you can come back for links to what everyone has to say. (If you post separately about the aprons that you made and got, we'll link to both posts so don't feel you have to do one big post all at once.) And don't forget to send in a photo of the apron you made for the flickr gallery! As soon as most aprons have been received we'll be putting that up. Now, grab yourself a holiday cocktail and let's mingle! Mini calzone, anyone?

Friday, December 01, 2006