What's Cookin?


An Apron and Recipe Swap!

Hey Good Lookin'! What's Cookin'?

Why, it's a friendly little apron swap and recipe exchange! This swap is as easy as sewing up an apron and gathering some recipes to be put on handmade cards for another such domestic as yourself. Piece of cake, right? And to spice things up a bit each swap has a distinctive theme. So, please, won't you join us and be our guests at our little swap party?

Tidbits on being a guest (a.k.a, "the rules"):

1: You must have a blog and keep it fairly updated. This is to help your assigned guest get to know you better. (We will send out 'getting to know you' questionnaires to aid in this as well.)

2: You must have a mailing address in the US for your swapper to ship to (so no-one gets an unfair deal on the postage).

3: This is a .....shhhhhhhh! anonymous swap. We highly recommend that you stalk your guest and leave anonymous comments on their blog if you choose, but keep your pots and pans on the back burner about who you are. (We will give you a way to contact and question your guest without revealing your identity!)

4: The apron! It must be handmade by you, although you are free to use a pattern or other design for your inspiration. Please remember that it needs to be "gift quality" , in other words, no raw edges, or unwashable elements. Your guest needs to be able to actually use and clean their apron!!

5: The recipes! Recipe cards must be 3" x 5", and be handmade by you as well. Their design should be in keeping with the theme or dish but -- don't go overboard! We want these to be functional recipe cards, so nothing bulky or sticking out anywhere. These cards need to be able to fit into a recipe box without causing trouble! On the other hand, do remember that the cards should be ornamented in some way -- recipes written out on plain cards are not what we're talking about here. Recipes do not have to be original, but we'd like them to be recipes you actually use yourself.

6: The party! Each swap has a party date. Your package must arrive on your guest's doorstep by then (and hopefully at least a few days earlier -- and extra-early is fine too, if you need to send it out ahead of time for whatever reason). On or around the party date, please post to your blog with details on what you gave and what you got, and also send us a spiffy photo of the apron you made for our flickr gallery!

Watch the blog for swap announcements, and when the next one is launched, read up on it and if you're interested, join our guest list by sending us an email with your name and blog link to sign up. We do have a guest limit to each swap so get to steppin'! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We're friendly gals.

your hostesses,
sarah and mary

Monday, May 15, 2006


Blogger van said...

Oh dear... i can't join this because i don't live in the US... and i have such a thing on aprons...
oh well, i've linked you so i can look from a far.
and leave a comment every now and then.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous val said...

I'd love to join the next one.....have any idea when it will be?

10:24 PM  

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