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Saturday, April 14, 2007

our mini party was a success!

Everyone's packages (should) have arrived and it's time to celebrate! We had a bit of a party collision this weekend, as we didn't realize we were ending the swap over Easter weekend when we set it up! But all's well that ends well, right? And now it's time for the BIG REVEAL!

Here's the list of who drew who; with links to everyone's posts.

Thanks again to all our lovely guests for making our party so much fun!

Amy drew Raesha
Ann drew Amy
Cate drew Catrina
Catrina drew Shanna
Crystal drew Lauri
Danesha drew Megan
Kirie drew Patricia
Lauri drew Cate
Mary drew Danesha
Megan drew Sarah
Nancy drew Ann
Patricia drew Nancy
Raesha drew Mary
Sarah drew Kirie
Shanna drew Crystal

Monday, April 09, 2007

A Marvelous Mini-Meme!

This go-round the meme is not actually required, since you are just about all already at work on your aprons! But, still, we're tagging ALL of you to do this for fun and to get to know a little more about each other. Please answer as soon as you're able and we'll post links to everyone's answers when we're all done!

1. What is your first food memory?
2. What was your favorite dish/food as a child?
3. Name one of your mini's favorite foods:
4. What was your mini's first solid food? Did they love it or hate it?
5. What was something you were excited to make for your mini for the first time?
6. What is your favorite food memory?
7. Your mini's birthday party : All out theme with perfect kid food ala Martha? or Quiet family home party with scrumptious cupcakes? Something in-between?
8. Name one thing you absolutely love to make and eat when you are feeling like a kid again:
9. Name something you ate as a kid that you now look back on and wonder "what were my childhood taste buds thinking??" :
10. Name 3 things your mini loves (doesn't have to be food related):

Thursday, February 15, 2007

All About Recipe Cards!

Here's the scoop on the recipe cards. You need to pick out three recipes that fit the theme. Then make three 3"x5" recipe cards (if you really need more room, you can make a 2-part card in there if you need to) to fit the theme and maybe even coordinate with your apron! Craftiness is encouraged, with a few limits: no significant 3-D elements, and nothing projecting outside of the card's edges. Also remember; while the recipes all need to be kid-tested favorites, the recipe cards are for your swap partner, not their mini!

Here's some samples from previous swaps:

apron swap recipe cards
made by Thien-Kim for swap 2

apron swap recipe cards
made by Sarah for swap 1

apron swap recipe cards
made by Kim for swap 2

You can check previous swap posts for lots more ideas!

If you are not all that crafty on paper, it is totally fine to go find yourself some cute pre-made cards and use those. There are tons of cute 3x5 cards out there, I looked on etsy and found these adorable parisian motif cards, cute owl cards (no size listed though, so check before buying!), and my favorites, the Domestic Divas cards! If you want to print something out, I found a cool recipe card maker online that will format 3x5 cards for you (with art!) for free; or you can download free recipe card templates for MS Word.

Any questions? Drop us a line!

Friday, February 09, 2007

meet & greet!

Well, our party is started, and here's this go-round's guest list:


Now mingle, everybody!

Thursday, February 08, 2007