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it's... a... Mini Swap!

Hey there! Time to get on your dancin' shoes and gear up for our next party - which is our Mini-Swap! Yup, this time around we're going to make aprons (or smocks) for the minis in each other's lives. You don't have to have a kid to play -- nephews, nieces, cousins, godchildren, neighbors all qualify...just grab a little one and get to sewing!

Aprons should be appropriately sized for the mini belonging to the person whose name you draw, and anything in the apron category is fair game. Cooking aprons, art smocks, cover ups for crafting, whatever! You will be swapping one apron for one apron, so if you have multiple minis in your house, you're going to need to choose favorites figure out which one would appreciate a new apron the most. Minis need to be between 2 and 10, but if you have a smaller mini and will accept a size 2 apron for them to get later, go right ahead and sign up (it's really not easy to make something smaller than size 2).

Recipes should all be kid-friendly and/or kid-tested favorites that you'd like to share. You'll need to pick out 3 recipes and make 3" x 5" recipe cards that you'll send along with the apron.

Please read the rules and FAQ to familiarize yourself with our swap (or re-familiarize yourself if you participated in a previous swap!).

Also, and this is important: if you are one of our party guests, we will have to expect you to abide by house rules. Don't make us take your keys away! We will need you to: respond to the sign-up questionnaire that you will receive by the end of the week; read all posts to this blog for the length of the swap (bookmark it or subscribe to our rss feed); answer our swap meme (posted next week) as quickly as possible. And, finally, you will have eight weeks to make your swap package and get it to your recipient. This should be plenty of time to complete your package. You need to get your swap partner their apron and recipe cards on time! And of course, we understand that sometime emergencies do come up...in which case, please notify us asap and we can try our best to help you out! Please be aware of house rules and help us out here, ladies!

Sign-ups will begin on Monday (February 5th) at noon EST; no sign-ups will be accepted before then. There are 20 slots open and they are first-come first-served. As soon as our guest list is full we will send you more info, post more details on this theme and assign you to your partner!

Also, I'd like to announce our Special Guest Hostess! Mary is taking some time off to finish school (pesky pesky school!) so Cate has gallantly stepped in to assist me in running this shindig this time around! Mary will be peeking in to keep an eye on things, though, so don't think she's not watching you!

And finally, big BIG thanks to Molly over at Mommycoddle who runs the very cool kids-and-mommies Mini Swap - we named this theme ages ago and only found out about her swap recently, but she graciously had no objections to our using the name just this once! Thanks Molly! Go check out her site and give her some thank-you love! (And ooh, I hope she keeps doing the Mini Swap so I can get us in someday!)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


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