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  • Sunday, October 15, 2006

    a Holiday Hostessing meme!

    Greetings guests!

    As a part of the getting to know each other dance, we thought it would be fun for us all to do a holiday party meme! Answer the questions below and post on your blog (by this weekend would be fab!)! If you have pics to include that relate, then by all means, include them along with any stories!

    1. what kind of holiday party food do you like best? finger food buffet or sit down multi-course style?

    2. do you make/use those little name cards for your table seating or is that just another little something that magazines are trying to add to our already long holiday to-do list?

    3. do you miss sitting at the "kid's table"?

    4. any particular holiday party traditions that you like to do every year?

    5. Which is your favorite winter holiday?

    6. do you make or have you tasted any good egg nog recipes...whether using it in a dish or as a drink?

    7. fruit cake .... do you love it or think it should be used as a door stop?

    8. What do you like to do to get yourself in the holiday sprit (ie. certain music, visiting certain seasonal sites, enjoying winter weather, ect.)

    9. What is your favorite holiday song and who sings it best?

    10. Any ideas for interesting holiday themed parties? (Even if it's really out there -- like renting a snow machine and having everyone build snowmen if you live in a no-snow areas!)

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    our dance card is full!

    Well, our guest list filled up pretty fast once again! Sorry if you didn't make it in, but we plan to expand our seating area for Swap #3 in early Spring, so check back then and hopefully we'll be able to accommodate you!

    If you are one of our guests, your name should appear shortly in our blogroll -- once it's up please check and make sure your name and link are correct!! And watch this space for more info very soon!

    Also, if you're adding the button to your blog -- if you have a place you can upload a gif and you'd like the original gif version, please drop us a line and we'll send the file to you. (It is cleaner -- but for those of you who can only use jpgs, really, the jpg version is fine!)

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006